My husband, Luke, and I have been married for 17 years and we just welcomed our fifth baby in December. Our oldest is 11, and we've only ever homeschooled. I do have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, but I've learned so much more about the nitty gritty of educating children from real-life experience, relationships with other homeschooling mommas, and attending high-quality homeschool conventions.

I am deeply passionate about connecting people and helping them to succeed in what they set in their hearts and minds to do. I hope that by getting involved with any of my programs, your family's life will be enriched.


I believe that God equips those He calls - and if you're on my website He's probably called you to be a parent. He equips parents to educate their children!

I would feel so privileged if you allowed me and KCCH to come alongside you in your journey to educate your children!

For the Kingdom!

Christa Norman
Founder, Director

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