Monday, July 31, 2023


There are TWENTY EIGHT DAYS left! I am so excited for the first year of this new Homeschool Co-Op! We are going to learn and grow together as families. We are going to have great days, and good days, and hard days, and messy days....and at the end of the school year we're going to be able see how we've grown!
The LORD is going to do a work in each of us!
Orientation in on August 28, and all families need to be registered by Orientation!
We have room for a FEW MORE FAMILIES! Click this link NOW to register for this school year:
KCCH will be meeting at Grace Point Church in South KC, and we will have structured programming for Grades 1-8. Subject matter will include Language Arts (IEW), Science (Masterbooks), Fitness (basic skills), Arts (handicrafts), and a Rotating Academic Class (State History or Storybook Adventure).
Families stay on campus together, and parents will be teaching and assisting in classrooms throughout the day. Our day goes from 9:30-3:30, with a generous lunch and recess break in the middle!
Younger siblings will be in a child care classroom with lots of play time and some light structure. There will be a rest time after lunch and recess.
Have questions??
Email me at 
or text me at 817-770-6131

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