Thursday, September 30, 2021

Spring 2022 Semester

The mission of the KC Connected Homeschool (KCCH) Choir is to bring opportunities for musical training and performance to homeschooled children in the Kansas City Metro Area.  We desire to fill a need for these opportunities on the Missouri side of the Metro, and bring high-quality training for affordable prices.  We desire to center our times together around Jesus, and use the arts to honor and worship Him.

Right now, in Fall 2021, we have a choir of 30 kids ranging in ages 6-12.  God is meeting us every week as we learn together to sing beautiful music!  Along the way, we're learning about music styles, how to sing in parts, some key signatures, how to incorporate soloists.  We'll be adding even more skills by the end of the semester!

In Spring 2022, we will be producing a Junior Musical!  

We are still in the process of determining which show we'll be doing, but all the other information you need to get involved is included in this post!

Kelsie Clark Massey is such a gift to the arts community, and she we are so excited to be continuing our journey with her!  Kelsie is a passionate lover of Jesus, highly qualified to teach and perform in all performing arts, and has a deep love for children.  Click here to read her full bio.  Kelsie will be teaching and directing our musical this semester.

Christa Norman is a homeschool mom that is passionate about giving families a place to connect.  She will continue to be the administrator of this group.  All questions regarding registration, schedules, ticket sales, etc will be handled by Christa.  It's going to be a busy semester of learning together how to produce a musical, and she work hard to bring order into the chaos.

Click here to apply for enrollment.

A Junior Musical is usually a 45 minute performance, an abridged version of the full musical.  It will include, though, all the charm and excitement of a full musical.  Our class times will be very busy and diverse with song singing, dancing learning, stage blocking, set making, and all the things that go into producing a musical.  Our musical will have a full cast and a full chorus; every student that is registered is guaranteed to be part of the full performance, but not every student is guaranteed to have a speaking or solo role.  We will do our best to highlight everyone's unique gifting, and to provide opportunities to shine that match the student's developmental readiness.

We are limiting this production to 60 students, ages 6 and upThese spots will be offered first come, first serve.  The application process simply confirms space.

 We are offering additional registration for a few stage "crew" positions.  This is for students that desire to be part of the musical process, but do not want to be on stage performing.  Registration is very limited for crew, and spots will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  These positions will require hard work, and attention to detail.

We are also receiving applications for Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manger position.

Stage Manager will need to be an older student.  There is a spot to specify application for these positions on the main application.

****Our Stage Crew is currently full****
Any new registrations for Crew positions after November 6, 2022 will go to a waiting list.  Students interested in crew will be invited to participate in the musical.

Here are the time/date specifics for KCCH Choir. for this semester:

Who Can Participate:  All homeschooled children in the KC Metro, ages 6 through 18.

Meeting place:  The Daniel Academy; 310 W 106th Street, KC, MO  64114

Meeting time:  Fridays, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Class Dates:  Every Friday starting January 7. Breaks scheduled for February 11, March 11.
(May be used as flex days if we have to cancel for snow or other reasons.)

Performance Dates:  TBD - END OF APRIL

Details on Pricing

  • Musical Students will pay $88/student.
  • Crew Students will pay $50/student. 
  • There will be small incidental costs as we prepare for performances and begin making costumes and props. Students may be asked to wear a certain color of clothing or need to wear foundation garments for easy costume changes. We intend to keep costuming mostly simple, and use things that are easy to find.
  • We will be selling tickets for the shows.  Tickets will be $2 each. 
  • Shirts will be available for purchase at some point during the semester. Typical shirt fee is $15...more details to come. 
Click here to apply for enrollment.
To allow room in budgets for holidays and to give families ample time to make decisions, we will be accepting applications immediately. Enrollments will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis and confirmation emails with payment information will be sent within days of your application. When you receive your confirmation email (from, you will be able to pay your semester fees at any time.

Parents are always welcome to stay for classes, but you will not be required to stay for every class. We will gladly engage parents as volunteers as needed and as you are willing! For safety purposes, we ask that there are always a minimum of two parents (not including Kelsie and Christa)  


 Click here to apply for enrollment. 

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